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3 Summer Anime You Should Watch This Season

During the summer of 2015 a lot of great anime were released. Here are 3 that I have been enjoying and would recommend

1. Himouto! Umaru-­chan ­


If you are into cute slice of life anime this one is right up your alley. The story follows a young girl called Umaru who lives a normal life. She is very smart, popular, and loved by everyone; but once she is behind closed doors she becomes her true self. When she is in her room she turns into a chibi little girl with a bear robe who drinks soda, eats snacks, and plays video games all night. The differences between her school and home life are so great that when a school friend sees her true form Umaru tells them that it’s just her little sister. This is one anime to watch for sure!

2. Gangsta.


If you enjoy gangster anime or liked Black Lagoon then chances are you will like this one. The plot revolves around two guys living in a gang infested town: Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown (who is a deaf samurai). They are known as “handymen” for hire who take on jobs too dangerous for anyone else to handle. One day the cops hire them to kill off a new gang that is starting to take over the town. They are supposed to kill all of the gang’s members, including a woman named Alex who they frequently see through the window of their home. In the end they take a liking to Alex and when they refuse to kill her she joins their side.

3. Prison school ­

"Prison School. A hilarious perverted adventure.

If you are into comedy and ecchi anime then Prison School is for you. The anime follows a group of 5 young boys who enter a boarding school that is filled with nothing but women. Now as you can imagine these boys want to flirt with girls and get popular but end up making a really bad choice. They want to peek at the girls while they are showering, but things don’t go as planned and the 5 boys get caught and sent to a prison within the school and must stay there for a full month. Will they do anything to try and break out? Will relationships break out? Who knows you must watch it to find out!

And those are 3 anime you should definitely watch this summer. If you have not started any of them, they are all currently in the 7th episode so it won’t be hard to catch up right now. Hope you enjoy!