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5 Manga That Will Keep You Up All Night

Hello everybody! Recently I’ve been creating many different lists related to anime and getting a lot of feedback. So I figured it’s about time for me to create one for manga. Here are 5 that will keep you up all night flipping through the pages.

This is just a short list of manga that I am suggesting. Just because a manga that you like isn’t on this list does not mean that I don’t like it! If this list gets good feedback on Facebook I will continue to make more Manga articles!!!

You can read any of these on KissManga or on a manga reading app such as MangaZone. You could also support the industry by purchasing these manga of course. Now lets start the show.

1) Corpse Party: Blood Covered


After performing a seemingly harmless ritual, a group of high school friends finds themselves mysteriously transported to a haunted elementary school. As they try their hardest to stay together and escape, it seems the many deadly ghosts trapped in the school have different plans…

Don’t read this one if scenes of awesomely horrific death bother you. Corpse Party will definitely have you up all night, either because you want to keep reading and figure out if the characters can escape this dangerous situation, or because the ghastly visions of death will have you too traumatized to close your eyes.

2) Ousama Game


Everything in life is going completely fine for a normal high school class. Until one day all of the students in the class receive a command via text message from a unknown sender who calls them self “King”. According to the King, if the students do not obey the command they will die.

At first they all think it’s just a prank but after a few students fail to complete the commands, it becomes apparent that the Ousama Game is very real… Read this one for more killing as well as lots of suspense. You definitely will not be able to sleep until you figure out who the “King” really is.

3) Attack On Titan


By now you’re probably already familiar with the plot to this smash hit series. Humanity has been reduced to one remaining city due to the man eating titans. To keep the titans out the humans constructed a huge wall which protected them for a very long time, until one day the titans break down the walls and flood in killing and eating many people.

It’s been over 2 years since the first season of the anime ended, and the seconded season is slated for release next year. This is the perfect time to stay up all night reading the manga and have the jump on the new season, because it has now progressed a couple of story arcs past the first season of the anime.

4) Ajin


There are certain people called “Demi-Humans” who are resistant to death. After the main character should of died in an accident he finds out that he is a demi-human. He and his friend flee into the mountains where they encounter a group of demi-humans that are hostile to regular humans, now they must chose sides… Before you know it you will be up all night reading every page of this amazing manga. Filled with adventure, action, and suspense; this is an all around great read.

5) Prison School


So far all of the manga on this list have been pretty serious and involved death, so I think it’s appropriate to end things on a more light hearted note. If you’ve read any of my other articles then you’re probably already aware of my love for Prison School.

The perverted comedy about boys who get sent to a prison as punishment for peeping, stole my heart way before the anime was released when I first laid eyes on the manga. If you are a fan of the anime then you should definitely skip sleep tonight and just catch up on this manga. It’s progressed pretty far past where the first first season of the anime ended so you will have lots to enjoy!


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