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5 Mangas That Should Be Made Into Animes

These just need to happen!

1.) Oyasumi PunPun


A really popular manga and can be considered one of the best manga ever made. The story follows a bird-like human who is just like any other boy growing up in Japan. But all this normal behavior will soon come to an end when his father ends up going to prison for abusing PunPun’s mother.

Since then, PunPun lived with his uncle which means as time goes on, he must endure adulthood. This may either mean good or bad for PunPun in the end.

Even though the idea for an anime adaptation would sound weird, I really feel like this could work for the manga as I can already picture the anime playing in my head. If you get the right anime producers and good voice actors this could make for a really amazing anime since the story is highly original.

2.) Sweet guy


This manga is definitely for adults. If you like Ecchi this one will become an all time favorite. The story follows Go Ho-Sang who is a man that just wants some love. He works at a store and lives by himself in a apartment.

Go Ho-Sang finds out on his way home one day that a beautiful girl has moved in next door to him. He becomes sexually frustrated about this woman and decides to work out. While working out, he falls and lands on a plug connector and electrocutes himself.

He goes on a train the next day to see a girl he has previously seen on the train, and she bumps into him. Then out of nowhere she becomes sexually attracted to him.  Later, he finds out that he has gained the power to touch any girl and once touched, they will have strong sexual desires for him.

Who knows how he will use the power in the end. This one is screaming for an anime adaptation as it would become popular right off the bat. Even though it’s pretty lewd with many sexual themes, the story and characters are just hilarious and is a very funny manga. Not to mention that the artwork is beyond amazing and the characters are top notch. I highly suggest whoever the author is to try and get this made into an anime.



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