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5 Outstanding Animes From Recent Years

Since 2013 many great animes have been released, all with great quality animation and acting. Here are 5 that I think you may enjoy!

1) Kill la Kill

Year: 2013

kill la

Don’t lose your way.

The tale of Ryuko Matoi, the girl with the scissor blade, became a huge success in the winter of 2013. Created by Trigger who had previously worked on Gurren Lagann, this is a great follow up project. Filled with action and likeable characters, the uniquely colorful and highly stylized animation of this series captured the attention of many fans.

2) Parasyte -the maxim-

Year: 2014

This anime spread like a virus.

Warning: this anime spread like a virus.

This 2014 anime adaptation of the 1988 cult classic manga was a favorite amongst many fans last year. It didn’t seem to matter if someone had previously been familiar with Parasyte or not, the entire anime community was thrilled every time a new episode was released.

This one has lots of blood, killing, and a protagonist that shows a great amount of character development throughout the show. I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t watched this yet does so as soon as possible.