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5 Psychological Mystery Anime You Should Watch

Do You Like a Mystery?

Mystery/Psychology is a very good genre in Anime as it will have a lot of people using their minds to find out the Mysteries that occur within the Anime. Well lucky for you I have put together a list of 5 Psychological Mystery Anime that you should watch!

1) Death Parade:

This anime follows an alternate dimension that no one really knows about. It seems to be just a normal bar with a white haired bartender called Decim. Two people are sent to play a game with the loser of the game dying.

Only to find out later that people who are about to die are sent to this place and judged to see who gets sent to the void and who does not.

The Anime is filled with a bunch of intense moments and heart touching moments as well. A lot of Mystery as you want to find out more about this place the people who are running it.

Death parade

2) Case Closed:

Being one of my all time favorite Animes and still ongoing, this Anime will keep you busy for a while. It follows a high school boy named Jimmy who is a very smart detective. Jimmy goes on a date with his girlfriend Rachel to a carnival.

During their date at the carnival Jimmy solves a murder that took place during the date on a roller coaster ride. Spotting them out of nowhere after solving the murder, Jimmy notices two men in black who seem to be suspicious so he follows them to find out they are drug dealers.

When he is caught Jimmy gets hit on the head with a pipe and the two men drug him, turning him back into a little kid. Trying to hide his identity from Rachel and everyone so the men won’t find out that he is still alive, he goes under a new name “Conan”.

He then gets gadgets from his professor Mr. Agasa, who would make them for him even when he was known as Jimmy. With only with Mr. Agasa knowing who little Conan is, Rachel and her father who is also a detective take this little boy in to live with them.

Conan must now solve cases while in his little form during Rachel’s father investigation without getting caught or finding out that he is really Jimmy. There are tons of cases ranging from murder to kidnaps and hostages. This one is a must watch for all mystery fans!


3) Serial Experiments Lain:

Oh boy this one will take you for a loop as it’s really impossible to find out what this Anime is about in one watch.

This one follows a girl named Lain who is a normal girl who goes to school and really doesn’t know much about computers as they are pretty new. A sudden event happens one day where one of the students from her school commits suicide and strange occurrences begin to happen.

With all these events happening, Lain is somehow pulled into the wired world where the strange stuff starts to kick in. During this time Lain will discover that nothing is as it seems.

During the Anime a lot of questions will pop up really prompting watchers to question life and philosophy about it. I find that to be an interesting touch.

Don’t go into this one expecting to come out understanding the true meaning of this Anime but you will get immersed into the world of Lain and everything that occurs within the Anime.lain



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