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5 Things Only Otakus and Weaboos Appreciate

Are you more than just a casual anime fan? If so you probably appreciate some of the things on this list.

1) Dakimakuras

What's wrong babe? You've barely touched your dinner.

What’s wrong babe-chan? You’ve barely touched your dinner.

Commonly known as “Dakis”, these body pillows with anime girls on them (usually in some sort of sexual pose or outfit) make great substitutions for girlfriends. Feel free to practice kissing with these friendly pillow companions, that would be totally normal and not weird at all!

2) Anime Blu Rays

"I just like hard copies, ya know?"

“I just like hard copies, ya know?”

Look bro, if you’re gonna watch intense and thrilling stories about 2D people then it HAS to be on blu ray. I mean come on! What kind of lame person even watches DVDs anymore? It’s important to only watch anime in the highest possible definition. Like seriously it’s 2015, DVDs are just an ancient relic.

3) Cosplay

The real hidden leaf village.

The real hidden leaf village.

Dressing up as your favorite anime character does not have to be limited to conventions only. A real fan would dress up as Naruto at school. Or maybe show up looking like Goku to work. (Fun challenge, see how many inappropriate times you can find to cosplay in a week)



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