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5 Types Of Comments On Our Facebook

Hey everyone it’s Noah here. I’m the guy who makes all of those anime girl lists for this site. There have been all kinds of responses to these articles on our Facebook. Lets take a moment to look at 5 types that I have seen.

1) Positive Feedback


If it were up to me this would be the only type of comments that my lists got. These are left by who I can only assume are good wholesome people who are pleased with our articles. They most likely had at least 2 of their anime crushes on the list. Shout out to everyone who ever left one of these comments.

2) Very Angry Reply


The polar opposite of positive feedback. The people who leave these rush in after seeing that their waifu was left out of the list. They frantically type things such as “such a trash list” while wearing their Sword Art Online pajamas. These are my greatest enemies.

3) Guy Who’s A Little Too Into It


Look I’m sure he’s a nice guy.. he just really likes anime girls. One or more of his favorites probably made my list and thus he feels the need to respond on our Facebook with a 5 paragraph MLA format essay on how much he wants Esdeath to step on him. But hey I’m not judging, I kinda like anime girls too.

4) Person Writing Their Own List


A common response to my posts. These people are extra jealous of the fact that I get paid to write about anime girls. They think my lists could be so much better so they respond with their own version. Look guys you will never be able to make better lists than me.. I still appreciate you guys for checking out our articles though. At least you tried!

5) Person Who Likes Real Girls


These disgusting freaks are the worst. Coming into the safe haven of the Anime Shojo Facebook page to ruin our good vibes by saying something as grotesque as “I like real girls”. Look man real girls are outdated, like cassette tapes or iphone 4s. I hope I can avoid these types of comments on all of my future articles. I don’t write these for people like them who like “real” girls.


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