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9 Ways You Can Help Support The Anime Industry

In today’s world it’s easy to take things for granted when almost everything is free on the internet. However sometimes it’s good to pay for art by choice in order to support the creators. Here are 9 ways that any fan can support the anime industry.

1) Buy DVDs / Blu Rays


Too often we stick to free streaming sites or torrents which usually in no way benefit the creators. Buying blu rays and dvds is one of the best ways to support anime studios. In addition to getting to feel great about supporting the creators of your favorite series, blu rays and dvds more often than not include bonus features like extra scenes or previews of the next season.

2) Go To Conventions


Going to conventions is a great way to support the industry as well as an awesome experience for any anime fan. You can buy merchandise, meet your favorite voice actors, and find a whole bunch of other people who have similar interests as you!

3) Introduce Others To Anime


One of the easiest ways to support the anime industry is by simply introducing your friends to anime. By doing this you will have more people to share your interest. You will also create new fans who will potentially buy blu rays and go to conventions.

4) Subscribe To Crunchyroll


One of the most popular anime streaming services in the world. For only $7 a month you can watch a large library of anime on any device that you like. This is a great alternative to streaming using a free service because Crunchyroll actually pays the anime studios that they work with.

5) Buy Merchandise


Buying merchandise can not only help companies generate revenue, but it can also be a way to find new friends who like anime. If you are seen at school or work with a Tokyo Ghoul key chain, chances are that anyone who sees it that likes anime will start up a conversation with you.

6) Buy Manga Volumes


A large portion of anime start of in print form as manga. However since creating an animated version of a story is much more expensive than creating a manga, usually the only manga that get turned into anime are the ones that sell very well. So basically buying volumes of manga will increase the chance that it will be made into an anime!

7) Watch Anime Movies In Theaters 


Sometimes anime movies receive limited theatrical releases even in America. Whenever these occur its best to clear your schedule and enjoy a night at the theater (hopefully with a hot date). I’m sure you will feel an overwealming sense of happiness while sitting in that comfortable pubic theater seat.

8) Buying Anime Video Games


It’s not enough to just watch anime. You have to live anime. Play anime. That’s why you should always buy video games based on anime series that you like. In addition to experiencing the story in a new way you can feel happy knowing that you are putting your hard earned $60 in the hands of whatever game developer your anime series of choice has decided to work with.

9) Visit Anime Blogs


Chances are that if you are reading this you have visited an anime blog before. How does doing this support the industry you may ask? Anime blogs often run ads for many different anime merchandise, this can help generate profit for the vendors. Anime blogs also help spread the good word of anime which generally just creates more fans giving the industry a larger audience. In conclusion make sure to visit anime shojo everyday or the creator of your favorite anime will be very sad and most likely cry.