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An Exercising Anime?

This is going to be a interesting one for sure.

With the Fall Anime already starting, the list of course has already been out for awhile, but one anime out of the bunch caught my attention. Anitore! EX cover picture looked pretty normal with a girl stretching and little girls with her. But looking more into the anime and what it will be about is for sure going to be an interesting one and one to push the limits of what fans might look for in an anime. The anime is centered around five girls who want to become idols, and alright, well that sounds pretty normal, but the episodes will only focus on the girls doing various exercises and stretches so they can lose wait to become the idols they want to be. Yes, you heard right, it isn’t confirmed yet if there will be anything else but from what it seems like the anime will only focus on the girls doing exercises with you and nothing else. Yes, you may learn new exercises from the lovely girls but will you really want to do any of them? That’s why this anime will either fail very badly or receive positive reviews for how cute the girls are in doing the exercises. I am really curious to see how this one turns out, but I am pretty sure people will like it for how “ecchi” this will be. The girls look cute with no doubt so that it is a plus in its favor, the anime will be released on October 13!

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