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The only Anime Theater in Garry’s Mod

Might make you want to buy the game~

Recently, I have been playing Gmod (it’s a very fun sandbox game), one thing I really like about the game is the many variations of gameplay and creators. Well, to say none the least they have cinema mod on Gmod and I, for some reason, was interested at the idea of a bunch of people being able to go into a theater on this game and watch videos and movies together. So I clicked on it and the first thing on the list that also caught my attention was “YukiTheater” which was advertised as an Anime theater, so I decided to give it a look. Well, first thing entering the server is of course read the rules and then start roaming around the theater. I won’t get into what it looks like but I can say it is really cool and fun to just go around exploring. Now, with an anime theater like this sort, you only wonder how the community is, right? Well, I can confirm after spending over 12 hours on the server that the community is indeed a very nice and a welcoming one with people willing to help you start out and show you around. The more videos you watch the more credits you get which can grant you a character model from the shop which will make you want to watch whatever anime you are currently watching in the theater or private theater. If you want to have unlimited VIP access or if you just want to, you are able to donate to the servers which will help the server, developers, and creator which do put a lot of work into the server.

The one thing I like though is that you can choose whatever anime to watch in the theaters (unless it breaks the rules) and introduce people to new anime they never heard of which I find amazing because I started talking with someone which led up to me showing them serial experiments lain, which also led that person to getting hooked to the anime and was watching it non stop in that same theater, it’s always nice to watch anime with people who have never seen a series that you love and just watching them fall in love with it. They also have movie nights where most of the people on server go to the main theater to gather up and watch whatever movie is playing for that night (for example, since its October, they are showing horror movies for movie nights). If you are an owner of Garry’s Mod I highly suggest you go check out this server as I know you will have a very good time in it. I also got lucky enough to speak with the creator and got to ask him a few questions!


1. What made you want to create YukiTheater?


WinterPhoenix96: I originally wanted to create YukiTheater as a place where my friends from GModTheater and I could hang out. GModTheater died when GMod 13 was released, so there was a need to be filled, and the other Theater Servers at the time didn’t quite fit the bill for us. However, it evolved after that to simply become a place where myself and others that are interested in Anime could meet and hang out.


2. Did you expect YukiTheater to become as popular as it did with the steam group at over 3K members and server almost being full everyday ?


WinterPhoenix96: Not at all, however, I always hoped that it would one day gain the popularity it now has. It became truly popular around the time of the Christmas update last year, which brought the current map with it. It really shot up in popularity after that, probably because the new map is a lot less cramped than the last one.


3. With the current map update do you plan on expanding both the map and server capacity if servers fill up even more?



WinterPhoenix96: We plan to expand out the map somewhat at some point, likely with adding more “specialty” areas, such as the current Classroom and Manga Shop. However, we’re a bit far away from being able to discuss exactly what we’re going to do, as none of our ideas are really final at the moment, but stay tuned. As for Server Capacity, we’re working on optimizing a few more things that should allow the server to be able to handle around 110 Players at a time without lag, however our current efforts are focused on the Halloween and Christmas Update, so it may be a while before that’s implemented.


4. Even though its been quite awhile since the server has been up and has expanded quite a bit, where do you see YukiTheater being down the road from now?


WinterPhoenix96: That depends on a few things. I intend to port it over to Garry’s Mod 2 if that proves successful, however we don’t know if it will be. We may also go standalone at some point, however it wouldn’t quite be the same and would have several magnitudes more things to do if we ended up doing that.

WinterPhoenix96: It could also expand out into a Anime-Themed Community, with servers across several gamemodes. This is something that was actually planned for this last summer, however it fell through.


5. The money that people donate to server, does it go to anything specific ?


WinterPhoenix96: It goes toward paying for the costs of running YukiTheater as well as paying the Developers on the team, including myself.


6. If you had to say one thing to everyone that helped you make YukiTheater into what it is, what would it be?


WinterPhoenix96: Well…mostly I’d be addressing the Community Developers are important too, however nothing grows without a group of people that actively use it and enjoy it, so, to those people, I’d like to say Thank You for your support! And we hope you continue to enjoy our Community and Server. ^^

Thanks to WinterPhoenix who took the time to answer these questions, and for taking a lot of his own time into a server that makes a ton of Anime lovers happy! I wish the best for the server!

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