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Big Hero 6 World To Be Added In Kingdom Hearts 3

Big Hero 6 will be a world within Kingdom Hearts 3

With the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 fans of the series have started asking what new worlds will be added to the game. Well, in a recent reveal video it was announced that Big Hero 6 will be a world within Kingdom Hearts 3. This has put a lot of smiles onto the fans faces. In the announcement trailer producer for Walt Disney animation studios Roy Conli talks about the world of Big Hero 6 in the game.

Within the trailer Roy talks about how important the movie Big Hero 6 is to him and why this movie and world would go very well within the game. He makes the points that both stories go well together because they are both focused on friendship and light against darkness. The last point he makes is that the story will take place after the events of the Big Hero 6 movie and that everyone will be able to see the beloved character Baymax. All in all this is very good news for the fans of both Disney and Kingdom Hearts and makes the anticipation for this game grow even more.