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Bokura Ga Ita to be streamed on Viewster

Need more drama in your life?

As of this Monday, Viewster will now be streaming the romance/drama anime Bokura ga Ita. There is a total of 26 episodes for the whole series and they are all up right now for watching on the website.

Also included for the first time within the series is that Viewster will be having English subtitles on the episodes. This anime is a must watch for any fan of  Romance/Drama genre within anime as it is very touching and will have you gripped the whole way through.


The story follows a girl named Nanami Takashi who is ready for her first year of high school. She is just like any normal girl, she wants to make a lot of friends, hang out with a lot of people, and enjoy her time in school.

While making friends Nanami hears about Yano, a very popular boy among the girls. Nanami didn’t really like Yano in the beginning because of his shallow attitude but later falls in love with him. Nanami then decids to confess her love but Yano rejected her because of his past.

Yano had a girlfriend named Nana who died in a car accident and was found dead with her ex boyfriend which made Yano believed she cheated on him thus his inability to trust people. Nanami, despite getting rejected, still decided to stay at Yano’s side and support him which made Yano realize that he had fallen in love with her as well.

The story took its turn when Nanami and Yano started dating and had to go through a lot of challenges in their relationship which almost made them broke up such as Yano’s secret of sleeping with Yuri, her ex girlfriend’s sister, and Yano’s bestfriend, Takeuchi falling in love with Nanami as well.

The manga and anime sparked a live action film which was released in two parts.

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