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Boys Over Flowers Musical Cast Announced

The cast for the musical adaptation of Boys Over Flowers has recently been announced:

  • Ryuuji Kamiyama as Akira Mimasaka
  • Mackenyu as Sōjirō Nishikado
  • Jin Shirasu as Rui Hanasawa
  • Yūya Matsushita as Tsukasa


The musical play for Boys Over Flowers has been long awaited in Japan and even America as the series became very popular as time went on. Boys Over Flowers is a romance/drama manga. The manga became so popular that it was also turned into a Japanese show, movie, and anime.

So as time went on fans in Japan were expecting a musical play for the series and now the dream has come true. These actors were chosen from over 3000 people that auditioned for each role so hopes are very high that the right cast was chosen. I’m interested to see how they will turn the manga into a musical. The play for Boys Over Flowers will first open in Japan in January 2016.