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Brynhildr in the Darkness English Dub Announced

Do You Believe In Aliens?

Sentai Filmworks has recently announced who will be voice acting in the English dub for Brynhildr in the Darkness that will be on the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the Anime.

One important thing to note is that Kyle Jones will be directing this English dub of the Anime. Kyle has directed other Animes such as: Air Gear, Akame ga Kill!, Full Metal Panic! and many more. This is looking to be a very well done English dub as Kyle has a lot of experience in this. The cast for the English dub follows:  


  • Ryota Murakami: Blake Shepard
  • Kuroneko: Jamie Marchi
  • Kana: Christina Stroup
  • Kazumi: Emily Neves
  • Kotori: Jessica Calvello
  • Hatsuna: Carolyn Johnson
  • Man in Black: Ty Mahany
  • Nanami: Molly Searcy
  • Saori: Kira Vincent-Davis
  • Kashiwagi: Nancy Novotny
  • Ichijiku: Adam Noble
  • Initializer: Meaghan Avocato


The story for Brynhildr follows a boy named Murakami who is very obsessed with a girl called Kuroneko. Kuroneko would tell Murakami that she knew about aliens and already had met them before. This started getting to Murakami as he was starting to get very curious about these aliens that she was talking about.

So one day Kuroneko decides to take Murakami to go see these aliens but a tragedy occurred instead which left Kuroneko dead and Murakami very injured in the hospital.

Years have passed by since Kuroneko’s death and Murakami still wants to find the aliens and prove they are real to fulfill the promise he made to Kuroneko.

A new girl joins his class who doesn’t only look like Kuroneko but is named kuroneko. Who knows what will happen upon these two meeting.

The Blu-ray and DVD will be released October 6th 2015.

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