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Could Umaru Chan Get Anymore Cuter?

Umaru Chan episode 3 review

Starting off on another cute note, Umaru is in front of the class solving some problem. When she was returning to her seat, she was  confronted by a cute student “ Tachibana Sylphynford”  telling Umaru that she will not lose in the upcoming midterms.

This is nice as it will add a rival to Umaru’s school life so it will be interesting to see these two rivalry and relationship unfold. Returning to her seat, she gets a death stare from a student we know nothing about.

After the opening, Umaru and Ebina are walking down the street to go home and Ebina addressed a problem that she is having. She is scared that she will fail the next midterm since she made a lot of mistakes on the last one.

Cheering her up, Umaru tells Ebina not to worry about it and just calm down and she will be fine.

Going back to the best parts of the episode, Umaru goes home and turns to her normal self. Playing a FPS shooter, Umaru’s brother tells her that she should study for the midterm as there will be trick questions on it.

Umaru, not paying attention to her brother, goes to bed not studying at all and started having a dream with all her classmates appearing in her warlike dream to tell her she is weak. Umaru-chan then woke up scared. Of course, she knew she had to study so she woke her brother up to help her.

This touch was really alluring for some reason because even though it was just a dream, it makes you think about what if those classmates really saw her like that. Fast forward to the next day of school – in no surprise Umaru scores the highest on the midterm with Sylph coming in second.

Walking away from people who admire her, a couple of girls talk about a girl who seems to like Umaru. This turns out to be the girl in the start of the episode who keeps giving her a cold stare. We find out that her name is Motoba-san and she doesn’t talk much. A lot of people are scared of her for this reason and because she got into a fight with an older man.



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