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Crunchyroll To Be Streaming Black Jack

A Master Surgeon

Just today, Crunchyroll announced that they will be streaming the episodes for Black Jack starting October 3rd. There will be 12 episodes to the series and it’s looking promising, the series will be airing on oct 1st in Japan. Really neat on a side note to see Black Jack to come again as the original manga and anime was very good so it will be very interesting just to see how Black Jack got his name.


The anime will be set in 1968 during the Vietnam war and student protests that were going on. There is a certain medical school in which a young man who goes by the name of Kuroo enrolls. Upon his enrollment it is now known that he is a amazing with a surgical knife that can save many lives. The story is focused around Kuroo and how he graduates Medical School and earns his name as Black Jack.

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