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Crunchyroll To Stream Comet Lucier

Crystals collecting can lead into adventures.

Recently, Crunchyroll announced that they will be streaming an upcoming Fall anime Comet Lucifer. This looks to be an interesting adventure anime and one to look out for. The anime will be released on October 3rd, so assume that it will be on crunchyroll very soon. If you are curious about the Anime here is a trailer that fill in any questions you have about it.

The story follows a boy named Sougo Amagi who is from the town of Garden Indigo. This town has been rising up lately ever since they started mining these crystals, crystals which Sougo really likes collecting.

One day, however, an argument breakouts between Sougo and his classmates which leds Sougo into going inside a ruin. During his time inside the ruin, Sougo comes across a lake in which he meets Felia who is a very mysterious girl with beautiful white hair and scary red eyes. Upon their meeting, a door of adventure opens up for the two new friends…who knows what this can mean for the two.

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