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Dagashi Kashi Manga To Get An Anime Adaptation

Do you want to be a Manga artist?

Dagashi Kashi is a popular manga in Japan for all the right reasons. It is a very good and funny manga which taps into the mind of a girl wanting to become a manga artist. Well, great news for all the fans of the manga series, revealed in a weekly shonen Sunday magazine (Shogakukan), the manga will be getting an anime adaptation.


The story follows a girl named Shikada Kokonotsu who is a normal girl that loves manga. Her father is an owner of a sweets bakery store, the father really wants Kokonotsu to run the shop in the future to continue the legacy of the sweets store.

But in Kokonotsu’s mind, all she wants to do is become a manga artist. During a day in the summer, a girl from a famous sweets company (Shidare Hotaru) comes to to visits Kokonotsu’s father’s sweets store. During her visit, Hotaru expresses how she wants Kokonotsu’s father to join the company as she likes his store and the products a lot.

The only thing holding him back from saying yes is Kokonotsu, as she wants to be a manga artist and not a sweets store owner. The only way Kokonotsu’s father will agree to doing this is if he can convince Kokonotsu to run the business.

No release date for the anime has revealed yet.

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