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Development company raises $20Million for Pokemon GO App

They must be serious, this is a lot of money for a app!

What you just read was correct, Niantic has raised $20 Million from Nintendo, and Google to work on the Pokemon GO App. This is not a huge amount if you really think about how much money actually goes into a regular app. But really, in the end, the app itself is really ambitious as it will really introduce something new to the app market, something that has never been done before. If you have never heard about the Pokemon GO App it’s pretty much Pokemon becoming real on another level, the app will make you go outside to capture pokemon. Pretty much, the app will have to use your GPS on the phone to know which location you are in and with that, you are supposed to just walk around in the real outside world and when your phone buzzes that means a pokemon is near you. Once you hit the area the pokemon will appear and you will have to capture it with you doing a throwing motion with your phone to throw a pokeball to capture it. I like the App in the aspect that kids will be going outside more and getting exercise with this app. I will for sure give the app a try since it just looks very interesting but with this huge investment into a company I am expecting very high quality stuff from it.

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