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Diabolik Lovers 2 to have physical release

Need Vampire love in life?

Sentai filmwork has recently licensed Diabolik Lovers 2, they as well licensed the first Diabolik Lovers that is based off the popular Visual Novel. Of course, since they have licensed it, there will be a Blu-ray and DVD release of this. The series is currently still streaming on Crunchyroll and will continue until December 10 which the final episode will stream then. The first season did receive mixed review as people found problems with the anime and the way it was written. There is a new director for the second season so we can only assume that the anime adaptation for the second season is better.


It is still not known if Yui has obtained vampire status but it so seems she is still living her life as normal. As it seems well Yui has been experiencing dreams of something mentioning “Eve”. Due to an accident where she and the Sakamakis are in a car crash, her life is back to bad news again. After the car crash took place, four new men appear from the Mukami tribe and well, it seems all of four men want a piece of Yui now.

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