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Different Side of Umaru Shown In Episode 2

Umaru chan episode 2 review!

Episode 2 starts off right away with Ebina being over at Umaru’s house. With Ebina being over, Umaru isn’t in her little girl form which begs the question if Umaru will reveal her true self to Ebina. As they are talking and drinking tea, Umaru’s brother comes home to only find this different site of Umaru as she cleaned the whole house just for Ebina coming over. Walking in, Umaru’s brother has a shocked look on his face as he sees the whole house cleaned and not the way it usually is.

In telling Ebina to come over whenever she wants Ebina starts to blush really hard. It’s pretty obvious at that point that she has a crush on Umaru’s brother. After Ebina leaves the house Umaru goes back to her normal self which at this point the episode returns to another normal day of Umaru chan. Umaru’s brother is getting no sleep because of work but is finally able to get some rest as he gets a day off on Sunday.  Yet, Umaru wants to wake him up to play video games with him that in the end they both pass out since Umaru did an all nighter.

Halfway through the episode it shows Umaru and Ebina walking down the street when a girl who is working for a company hands them a flyer. The flyer is for a rock, paper, Scissor competition that is going to be held to win a neko plushie.

Umaru being herself goes crazy in her head as she really wants this plushie and will drag her brother to this competition so he can win it for her. Interestingly enough, Umaru’s brother made it to the finals as did Ebina, which also begs the question what is she hiding.

After winning Umaru’s brother ended up giving the plushie to Ebina (which made her blush again lol) and Umaru was mad at her brother. Bless the internet though, Umaru just won one of the plushies through an auction.

Next day comes and before you know it a new game is coming out called “last fantasy 15” which is hilariously taking shots at final fantasy. Umaru was about to do everything to get the game and almost blew her cover when she turned into her real self in front of Ebina to bug her brother.

umaru chan in episode 2 

Luckily Ebina wasn’t looking so Umaru was saved and she got her game.

Near the end of the episode they show the back story of Ebina and how she ended up in Japan, which was a very nice touch to the episode. Her family sent Ebina to Japan not knowing japanese so her dialect was different but very cute.

Arriving in japan she realizes that everyone has been staring at her (she has very big … let’s say heart). She was very confused and quite sad but as soon as she arrived to her apartment complex she meets Umaru’s brother who looks her in the eye and says hi and if she needed help to let him know. This marks the start of Ebina’s crush on Umaru’s brother which is very cute.

The ending of the episode just shows everyone leaving for school and work. Ebina getting starstruck, not even able to say goodbye to Umaru’s brother, all she could do was blush and stutter. Thus the episode ended on that note and a very cute one. 

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