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Digimon Linkz Preview Released

Anything Digimon Will Do!

Bandai Namco of Japan recently released a preview for the upcoming mobile game Digimon Linkz.


The trailer starts off by showing different Digimons and then goes right to the first part of gameplay.

There will be a central hub from where it seems like you can build a town and take care of the Digimon you obtain there. Alongside with that is the core fighting part which is a 3 v 3 turned based gameplay which looks nice.

Nothing else was shown apart from these two parts, but I must say this did look pretty interesting and I would like to see where they will go with this. The App will be released this fall for iOS and Android phones.

It is a free to play app, however, there will be in game purchases in which, if they keep the prices fair, won’t be too bad in the end.

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