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Do You Want Kantai Collection Game To Come To The States?

Kantai Collection Experience is Now Available In The States

The very popular computer game Kantai Collection has sparked fans into wanting the game to come out in the states. It’s only available in Japan and has an IP ban on the states making it annoying enough for US fans wanting to play it.

Well, Square Enix in Europe has seen the demand for the game and has decided to bring out a different game that runs like Kantai Collection. The game title is called “Armor Blitz” and it is looking pretty damn cool.

The base game looks to be the same as you assemble your army and do one on one battles with other fleets. The only difference you will spot right off the bat with this version is now the characters have full 3D animation which I find to be really cool and adds a lot more to this version.

I will assume that the girls in this game will have nothing to do with the actual Kantai Collection, but who knows, if this version becomes popular enough we might eventually get some of those characters.

All in all, this is really nice for fans who have been wanting to play Kantai Collection and I highly recommend you go to the website and support what they are doing! Let’s get this game to come out very soon so everyone can enjoy it!


Website for the game

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