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Episode 9 of Rampo Kitan Pushed Back One Week.

Everybody wanting episode 9 of Rampo Kitan last week isn’t happy.

August 27th Thursday night at 12:55 AM all fans of the Anime series Rampo Kitan turn on the TV to the Fuji TV Noitama Anime block to watch the Anime. Only to find out nothing is there in which they become really confused. Confused only to find out that episode 9 was pushed back a whole week due to timing issues with sports. This weeks episode of the series in Japan will air on TV Thursday September 3rd which will start at 1:05 A.M. instead of the usual 12:55A.M, which has let down the fans a bit. Since this has happened Funimation will also be airing the episode on the same day.

Rampu 2


The story for Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace follows a middle school where several murders have occurred. Kobayashi who attends the school meets a very smart detective named Akechi. Before knowing anything Kobayashi starts taking an interest in the detective and wants to become his assistant. Kobayashi’s friend is worried as this could be dangerous but Kobayashi still asks to be an assistant and the detective takes him in.

The tweet announcing the delay

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