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Full List of Voice Actors For Beyond the Boundary Announced

Kudos to Sentai Filmworks!

Sentai Filmworks the other day released the full list of voice actors that will be voice acting in the English dub version for Beyond the Boundary. I am curious as to why they released some but then just released everyone else out of nowhere.

Either way, the list is looking promising and I still looking forward to buying the collector’s edition for this release! The price is pretty hefty for the collectors which is going to drop at $161 on release day. Still, even with this price tag it comes with a lot of extras which is what I look for in a collector’s edition for anything. Without further a do, here’s the list for the voice actors!


Akihito Kanbara Clint Bickham

Mirai Kuriyama


Krystal LaPorte


Mitsuki Nase


Monica Rial


Hiroomi Nase


Adam Gibbs


Izumi Nase


Carli Mosier


Miroku Fujima


Houston Hayes


Shizuku Nimomiya


Amelia Fischer


Ayaka Shindo


Molly Searcy


Ai Shindo


Brittney Karbowski


Sakura Inami


Caitlynn French


Yui Inami


Sara Ornelas


Yayoi Kanbara


Luci Christian


Grandfather Nase


John S


​The story for Beyond The Boundary follows a girl named Mirai Kuriyama who is the last remaining member of her clan thats has a curse in which she is able to manipulate and control blood. Mirai shys away from people as she doesn’t want people to understand her “gift”.

But one day she meets a boy named Akihito who is found out to be half monster and half human. As the story progresses, it becomes obvious that the two have a good relationship with each other but turns and events do happen as demons begin to attack the city. Can the both survive together? The blu ray release for the anime is going to be October 13, 2015.

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