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Furi Announcement Trailer Revealed!

Potential at its finest

Just released recently was a trailer for Furi which is an upcoming game that will be released on the PS4. This trailer is pretty damn cool and I will for sure give the game a try.

Now, first thing you are thinking about is that the design reminds you of something, well, that is because Takashi Okazaki who designed Afro samurai is the designer of this game, which is a very good thing as this game’s characters and environment look very crisp and clean like the Afro Samurai games. The game also shows that there will be a top down view and 3rd person type of view which is what to expect. They advertise that the game will be a boss rush game with no filler, I am scared for this part as this pretty much says there will be no story in the game which hopefully they put story in through cut scenes at least. Overall, the rest of the trailer was more gameplay and scenes from the game which in the end impressed me enough to want to try the game when it comes out. There is no official release date yet for the game but it is slated for a spring 2016 release.

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