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Wow Umaru-chan, I Was Really Taken By Surprise

Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 1 Impression and Review

So I have finally started watching Umaru-chan and wow I was really taken by surprise. I suspected I would love the anime but not this much. Here are my thoughts on the first episode:

The episode starts off by Umaru-chan’s big brother talking about her as she walks into school. He talks about how beautiful she is and also about how smart and popular she is at her school. After some time it shows Umaru walking into her house – which is when this anime really picks up. As soon as Umaru chan enters her home she transforms into a little girl and her brother explains that this is who his little sister really is.

I like how the anime introduced her cute video game playing self, which really represents a lot of teens nowadays and how they are scared to talk about who they really are. For the most part, the rest of the episode focuses on Umaru’s counterpart (little Umaru). It shows how she bugs her big brother to buy her a monthly magazine so she can read her favorite manga and how she gets sad that her big brother forgets to play video games with her one day.

umaru2They also introduce what I believe is Umaru’s best friend, Ebina. I suspect that eventually Ebina will find out about who Umaru really is, so I am curious as to how the anime will play out the friendship between these two girls.

Another funny scene was when Umaru bought a whole bunch of snacks and a soda to watch movies and anime – I’m sure a lot of anime fans can relate to that.

Umaru owns two hamsters which she loves very much. Umaru eventually finds an internet event in which people have to post up videos of their pets and the video with the most views will win a cash prize. Umaru wanted to train her hamsters so she could win and buy all the video games, anime figures, and snacks in the whole world.

That about sums up the episode and I really have to say I am hooked already. I like how the anime introduces this very cute character who turns even more cute in her true form. There is no way you could watch this anime and say you can’t relate one way or another to it. It’s very charming and cute and just a joy to watch which is why it has the popularity that it does right now.

I am very excited to watch more and see new adventures that Umaru goes on in the video game world and real life world. The first episode already has me wanting more. My verdict for the first episode of Himouto! Umaru-chan gets a 4/5

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