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How To Ruin The 20th Anniversary Of One Of The Best Franchises

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Announced

During the Tokyo Game Show, Mashachika Kawata (Resident Evil Series Production) walked up to the stage and yes people were already hyped. He started talking about how the Resident Evil series will be turning 20 years old and how they wanted to celebrate it.

He was building a hype up immensely before he announced what they will be doing for the 20th year anniversary of the game. He then showed all the main line titles of the series.

He then sets off the internet when he announced a sequel to what is considered the worst new gen Resident Evil game. They announced a sequel to Operation Raccoon City which is called Umbrella Corps. The game will be an instant matchmaking, fast paced multiplayer shooter.

The trailer didn’t really showcase a lot as it just really showed basic stuff the game will feature. There will zombie shielding and “next gen wall covering system” because wall covering is what makes a game amazing.

It didn’t mention how many players will be in one match but assume the regular 5 v 5 or 6 v 6 with different variations to it. Not much else is to talk about in the trailer as it didn’t show anything else but what seemed to be real time gameplay.

I am not one to judge a game before a release, but Capcom, is this how you are going to treat the fans for the 20th Anniversary of a beloved franchise? Whether the game is good or not, it doesn’t take the fact away that they are mistreating their fans.

Lets just hope they surprise us all!

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