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Kantai Collection Arcade Delayed In Japan

This one will bite for sure for Japan fans of the series.

The official account for the Kantai Collection Arcade game has announced the arcade game will be pushed back to Spring of next year. Even though that is sad news for Japan fans, they however said that this winter they will release playable testing machines to test out the game. There isn’t an official release date for the Arcade game yet, it’s only slated for Spring 2016.

The arcade game will run the same presence of the popular App and PC game of the same name. But with it being a full fledge arcade game, this version will be updated with quite a few things. The arcade version will have actual 3D cutscenes of the girls on menu and in battle as if you were watching a movie which is a really nice touch.

The game, however, does seem to have more depth when you are in battle which will make things a bit more challenging. One thing though is, will people be able to use a card to scan or swipe to pull up their accounts or will it be a one time play arcade game? (most likely the card lol.)

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