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Kyonai & Do Fan Days 2015 Video put up with English subs

Kyoto Animation is the best !

Today Kyoto Animation has released an English subbed video about an event, Kyonai & Do,  they will be holding in October for a fan meet up. Kyoto Animation has produced Anime such as:  Free!, Clannad, Lucky Star, K-On!, Nichijou and many more!

Kyonai & Do Fan Days 2015 Video

Within the video for the fan meet up they talk about dates for the event and what not. The fan event will be held from Oct. 31 – Sept 1 in Miyakomesse (Kyoto City Kangyokan). There will be three different areas at the fan event which are: Exhibition room, Event stage, and Shop area.

This is good as it will mean a lot of variety for the meet up for people to go to and have fun. In the Exhibition area you will be able to see original material used from anime like Drawings that the creators have drawn for each Anime.

In the stage event area there will be animation crews from different animes and voice acting crews that will probably be doing Q & A sessions and talking about their experience. On the second day at the Stage event they will be holding autograph signings from certain Animation crews (The crew for the Free! movie for example).

Also on the second day the shop will open up for people to go in and buy goods from varieties of their anime. But keep in mind to watch the stage events you must send in an application to attend by Sept. 28. This is looking like an event no one should miss  – if you live in Japan that is!

What they really need to be doing is to bring this to the States as American fans want fan meets up like this over here in the States. This will be a good way to support the company in the end which is good for the Anime Industry and good for this company as Kyoto Animation make a lot of popular animes !  

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