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Liliy C.A.T. Added To Crunchyroll

More old school Anime goodness for viewing !

Crunchyroll has announced that the one episode Anime Liliy C.A.T is available for viewing on the streaming service. I really like seeing Crunchyroll adding more older anime to its site as it exposes really good anime to fans who are just starting out with watching anime.


Lily C.A.T. is set in the future in the year 2264, and everything seems to be going well. Saldes, which is a crew of 13 people (one cat), are sent to a planet that is newly found but will take 20 years to get to. Upon getting to the planet, things take a rather deadly turn with the crew members not believing who they are.

And it gets worse, the ship begins turning against them and they start dying one by one, and they find something else that could possibly be the worse. This started out as a simple exploration mission and it turned out to be a death game with the members having no one to go since they are 20 years away from earth and now they must survive this tragedy.

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