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Musical announced for Show By Rock!!

Real Life Show By Rock!!?

The hit Japanese App that sparked an Anime series is now getting a 10 performance musical in February of 2016. The musical will be performed by the Shingan Crimsonz which is a four member band.

The musical will be held in Tokyo at the Zepp Blue Theater from February 11-16. It will most likely be 2 performances a day since that will add up to the total of 10 performances for that time frame. Snario as well made a website for this Musical that showcases a flyer and tweets from various companies and people.

Website for the Musical


Flyer that was on the website

The story for the Anime adaptation follows:

Cyan is a cat girl who wears gothic lolita type clothes. She lives in Mid City Metropolis where one day she is scouted out by Maple who is the head of a Music Agency. The story from there is about the relationships Cyan makes with the band members she meets within the agency. The band wants to become a top-grade band but with that comes a lot of work. Will they prosper in the end and rise to the top of their city as a band?




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