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My Hero Academia to be Getting an Anime Adaptation

This will be good !

On a recent issue of Shounen Jump in Japan, they dropped the bomb with the announcement of My Hero Academia to be getting an anime adaptation. The series doesn’t seem to be well known in the States but for the people who have read the manga seem to have loved it.

With how popular it is in Japan and for the love it has in the States, this Anime will only do well. One thing that makes the manga interesting is that it mixes both Marvel type heros along side with regular manga characters which is really cool. There doesn’t seem to be an official release date for the Anime so we can only hope that it will come out soon!

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The story follows Izuku Midoriya who grew up with no powers and was bullied for it. Even though Izuku had no powers, he still wants to become a superhero like All Might who is a legend. To achieve this dream he joins one of the highest rated Hero Academy “Yueiko”. With the help of All Might, will Izuku finally become a hero he has always wanted to be?

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