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My Hopes For The Live-Action Prison School Drama

A live-action version of one of my current favorite anime “Prison School” is coming. Many previous live-action dramas based on anime have proven not to be very good. With everyone having high hopes here are my thoughts.

Prison School is not a family anime. In fact it may be just the opposite. The entire plot centers around 5 boys who get caught peeping at an all girls school and the hilarious adventures that follow.

Despite its crude sounding plot this anime has blown up in terms of popularity and quickly become a fan favorite. The plot is always moving at a good pace and the jokes always hit when they are supposed to. This is why I pray that the live action version of this series is just as good.

Slated to release on October 25th, the live-action Prison school drama will be directed by Noboru Iguchi. This is a pretty good sign seeing as Noboru has directed fan favorites such as The Machine Girl and Nuigurumaa Z. But a good director alone can not make this a success. The only way this will work in my opinion is if the drama follows the anime very closely in terms of tone and material.

The anime has many sexual themes and jokes. Up skirt shots are plenty and the perverted antics keep the story moving. If the drama veers too far away from the adult tone of the manga and anime it is sure to be a failure.

People who enjoy Prison School enjoy it for the same reason that others may hate it: lots of cute girls, lots of perverted shots, and jokes that make the fans laugh until their stomaches hurt. It is absolutely crucial that the drama has all of those same things.

A lot of drama versions of other animes have proven to be pretty bad. The recent Death Note drama comes to mind especially which is almost disrepctfully awful. With many people already saying this Prison School drama is destined for failure, I can’t help but have some hope for it considering how much I like the anime. Guess the world will have to wait to find out.

Check out Aoi Morikawa as my personal favorite character Hana Midorikawa below, and head over to Crunchyroll to see the full cast of the drama.

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