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New Character Announced For Street Fighter 5

Need more street fighter in your life?

​Just announced, Rashid will be joining the crew in Street Fighter 5.  This is the reveal trailer showing Rashid and his gameplay.

After watching the video, it seems Rashid will have the play style of some of the characters which is interesting. His movement seems to be more on the Vega side while some of his attacks resemble Cammy.

He has a tornado move which is similar to Cody’s tornado move in super street fighter 4. I must say his play style seems very interesting as his different tornado moves looks like it can be comboed in different ways which is a nice touch to make him versatile for the series.

There isn’t much else shown but his ultra move where he turns into a tornado and KOs Ryu at the end of the trailer. Ultimately, he seems to be a nice addition to the roster but we won’t really know until we get our hands on him in the game. I cannot wait to see who else they introduce to the roster!

Welcome Rashid!


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