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New Pokemon Anime Coming In October

 Official website launched for upcoming Pokemon Anime!

An official website has recently been launched for a new Pokemon anime “X Y & Z”. So far the website has reviled a new form for the legendary Pokemon Zygarde that made an appearance in the most recent generation of Pokemon games “X and Y”.

Of course the Z at the end of the anime implies that Nintendo will eventually released a new game entitled Pokemon Z on 3DS to follow up X and Y, although no such thing has been officially announced. The new Zygarde form can be seen in the promotional poster above. Also shown in the poster is a new form for Ash’s Greninja.

The blue frog Pokemon has taken on a new look that is said to be inspired directly from Ash himself after their bond has grown even stronger. The anime will premiere on October 29th. Check out the official trailer below.


Ash: Z Chapter, a new adventure!
Text: Premieres on TV Tokyo on October 29, 7:00 a.m.
Ash: The mystery hidden within the legendary pokémon, Zygarde. The phenomenon that exists between us and Greninja. The mysterious organization that stands in our way, Team Flare! When all the mysteries are solved, a great battle unfolds in Kalos!
Text: Pokémon XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act IV~/Pokémon XY & Z One-Hour Special
Ash: New series, Pokémon XY & Z, and The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act IV~ will air in a one-hour special on October 29!


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