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North America to Get a Digital Release of Gravity Rush Remaster

Well this sucks in all honesty (for some parts)

Even though it is nice to be seeing a Remaster of Gravity Rush being put on PS4, you can’t help but to feel hurt in the end. While Japan is getting a nice limited edition, North America will only be seeing a digital release.

It really doesn’t make sense though since the game was popular in the U.S upon the Vita release so it would only help bringing the limited edition over to the states as well. But in the end, it will be nice for people who didn’t get to experience the game on the Vita to experience it now. The remastered version for Gravity Rush will be released on Feb. 9 on the PSN store.

The game is very unique in its gameplay and setting area. I can say the gameplay, graphics and setting are amazing. The story is based around a girl named Kat who lost all of her memory. She encounters a black cat that later on gives her the power to control gravity. With the power, Kat wants to protect the people from Gravity Storm and monsters that showed up with the storm.

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