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Official Dub Cast For Parasyte Released

Watch out while you sleep.

Recently, Sentai Filmworks released the list of voice actors that will be in the English dub for Parasyte that will be airing on toonami.

The story follows Shinichi who lives in a pretty silent area in Tokyo with his father and mother. Lurking in the area however, are wormlike insects who will enter your body through yours ears and take over your whole body transforming you into a monster (pretty much).

One night, one of these insects attempts to enter Shinichi but fails to do so due to him wearing headphones so the insect ends up on his arm mutating it. Seeing his hand mutated, Shinichi freaks out but then calms down and finds out that his mutated arm is called Migi. Now with this mutated arm, they must work in a duo to take out the bad Parasyte that lurk in Tokyo. Who knows how this adventure will turn out for the two.

Nobuko Izumi – Allison Sumrall
Husband – John Gremillion
Wife – Marcie Bannor
Teacher – John Swasey
Misaki – Brittany Djie
Misaki’s Mom – Krystal LaPorte
Parasite Dog – Ty Mahany
Newscaster – Christopher Patton
Businessman – Mike Vance


Migi – Brittney Karbowski
Shinichi Izumi – Adam Gibbs
Satomi Murano – Luci Christian
Yuko Tachikawa – Terri Doty
Uragami – Andrew Love
Kazuyuki Izumi – Rob Mungle


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