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PS4 price to drop to 350$ in North America

PS4 really wants to stay on top!

Just announced recently, the PS4 will be having a 50$ price drop from 400$ to 350$. It is pretty obvious as why this change will happen, ever since the xbox one has dropped to 350$ the sales for the console has gone up a lot even though the PS4 was still winning. Sony probably saw this as a gateway to get even more sales by dropping the price to the Xbox one to get more customers into it. The effect of the price drop will take place this Friday. With this timing going into the holiday season, they will also be releasing bundles that will of course have the price drop of 50$. The bundles include: UNCHARTED The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle, Limited Edition Call of Duty: Black Ops III Bundle, Limited Edition Disney Infinity3.0 Star Wars Bundle, Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront Bundle, Star Wars Battlefront Bundle, NHL 16 Bundle.


All in all, I really like that Sony is doing this, it will really bring more people to the console since the prices will be the same but with the bundles will be even better. I hope Sony keeps going on with more smart decision likes this since it will only help them more in the end.

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