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Resident Evil Origins Has Been Announced

Waiting for a physical copy are you?

Capcom has recently announced that they will be releasing Resident Evil 0 and 1 and remake as a physical collection. The Collection will be called “Resident Evil Origins Collection” and the release date will be January 16, 2016. Retail price will be $39.99.

This will be great for people who have never gotten into the series and don’t want to hunt down the original copies of the games even though they have been ported onto many consoles, gamers with only next-gen consoles will be pleased.

If you have last gen consoles there is a ray of hope for you as well because they will be releasing the collection onto PS3, Xbox 360, and PC but only in download format.

Yes, what you just saw was correct in the second trailer. In the remaster of Resident Evil 0 and 1, Wesker will be a playable character but nothing has been said for Rebecca’s side if anyone else will be playable for her.

A really nice touch will be to add more into the replay value of Resident Evil 0 since there will be reasons to run through the game more than one time. For $39.99 this is a very good value pack and should be bought from every Resident Evil fan and people who want to get into the series.

The story for Resident Evil 0 follows Rebecca Chambers and EX Marine convict Billy Coen. Rebecca is a medic for a team who investigated a case involving cannibalistic murders in Racoon City. Rebecca arrives at a train station to see it is infested with a lot of zombies.

Rebecca finds the convict Billy and decides to team up with him due to the circumstances. After events and the train crashing as they get into contact with Albert Wesker and William Birkan they end up in an abandoned building. Curious about the events and what is going on they set out to find out the truth about what is going on. The events and story of Resident Evil 0 lead up to the story of Resident Evil 1

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