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Samurai Sensei Will Be Getting A Live Action TV Show

​From old to modern Japan?

​Takeichi Hanpeita is samurai who found out one day that he had unknowingly traveled to modern day Japan. All he can recall was falling asleep on a road after being imprisoned for disrespecting the lord and that he was sent off to kill himself.
He was then taken in by an old man who owns a cram school where he now works as a lecturer.  The comedy drama aired in Japan TV on Friday 9/11 during the drama block on TV at 11:15 PM.
​As this information got out, the casting for the TV show was also revealed:
– Ryo Nishikido – Hanpeita Takechi
– Manami Higa – Haruka Saeki
– Ryusei Fujii – Toranosuke Saeki
– Yuina Kuroshima – Sachiko Akagi
– Nicole Ishida – Rio Shinohara
– Zen Kajihara – Kiichi Komiyama
– Leo Morimoto – Makoto Saeki
The live action for Samurai Sensei will be airing on October this year. The manga is still currently ongoing and they will be releasing Volume 10 this September 10th.


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