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Sayaka Horino Too Stressed And Taking a Break

Always remember to take care of yourself and never stress to much.

Working can be stressful but people never tend to think that about voice acting. Well, voice actor Sayaka Horino has announced she will be taking a hiatus from voice acting due to mental stress.

She was hospitalized back in August but DSE claim that she has still not fully recovered to full health. It is good that DSE noticed that her health is still not stable and told her to focus more on her health. Health in the end is always more important than anything else and should be never taken lightly.


DSE also apologized to everyone who are looking forward to watching Sayaka on the Niconico live stream and other events that she was going to take place in. But fans have no reason to be mad as they should understand the circumstances of this all and should hope for her full recovery. My prayers alone will go out to her in hope for a full recovery.

Sayaka has voice acted for the popular Anime I Cant Understand What My Husband Is Saying and Danchigai.

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