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Sayonara Sorcier the Musical to Come Out in March

Popular Japanese Manga Sayonara Sorcier gets green-light to stage musical

The musical will be opening in Tokyo in March 2016, no specific date yet for it. It is confirmed that Daisuke Nishida will be directing the production, and Shuhei Kamimura will be composing the music for the play. No more information on the play is available but more will be let out to the public as time goes on.

I am looking very forward to this as I am curious on what they will do to the play to make it more musical type. I think they should really keep the play as close to the main story as possible but yet add the musical elements that adds on to the story. Changing the characters writing is not a good idea so they really need to keep the main characters from the manga the same. Look forward to the play as it will probably be put on a website for viewing! 

Sayonara sorcier the musicalSayonara Sorcier is about two brothers (Vincent and Theodorus Van Gogh). Vincent van Gogh is a famous painter who works at a art dealership that is very well known, and his brother Theodorus van Gogh whos point of view the story is told through him.

Theo at the art dealership is a branch manager who wants to seek new talent and techniques. But times are different now and Theo struggles with social standards since they are deeming the lower classes unable to appreciate fine art as it is now, marking it as a media exclusive to high society and not for the lower. With that Theo struggles to showcase art of his that depicts the truth of everyday but will and wants to find a way around this. Who knows what will happen or he will get connected with in the end. The Manga has no physical release in the US but can be read online. It is reccommended by me as it is a good read!


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