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Servant X Service Manga To Be In Print

Back to the office

Just announced today, the manga for Servant x Service will be getting printed in the States alongside the digital version of the manga .

The printing for the manga will be published by Yen Press (which have published mangas such as: Darker Than Black, The Devil Is A Part Timer, Judge, Etc). Servant x Service will be released in Omnibus volumes (which are usually more than one volume combined together to make a very thick volume).


The anime for this series, which was adapted from the manga, follows a group of people who begin working at a health and welfare office – Yamagami, Miyoshi Saya, Hasebe Yutaka, and the supervisor Ichiyama Taishi.

The story follows their everyday life at the office and all the adventures that occur within this building. Some days may be laughs and giggles while other days may be extra serious. Love may happen and love may be crushed. Who knows what will happen to this group inside this office.

The manga will be released on April of 2016!


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