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Stella Glow Trailer released from Atlus

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Just today, Atlus has released a trailer for the new upcoming 3DS RPG Stella Glow. The game has an official release date for November 17 of this year which is a nice date since Christmas will be right around the corner.

The trailer showed that the base power will be music magic in the game. You will need to fill the song stone matter in order to use song magic.

Alongside the power of song magic you will be able to use the magic on all enemies and even nearby allies for most likely buffs and heals. The game’s character designs are very cute as the characters have a Chibi look to them which is very cute.

Also in the trailer it says that you will be able to experience the power of conducting which is a bit unclear still but seems to be combining two characters together to unleash a power move or something else. Over 20 song magic powers are confirmed to be in game which is nice since it will add more variety to what powers you will want to use in game.

The last thing the trailer states for the game is that certain song magics can affect the whole battlefield and change it as a whole. Overall, this game is looking very good and one for RPG fans to look out for.

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