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Super Mario Maker – Impressions

A must own for any Wii U owner! (not Anime but hey its important for gamers)

I bought Super Mario Maker on the second day of release and have played many hours of it so I thought I could share my experience with you all.

First thing, when you boot up the game you will have to go through 8 levels with only 10 lives. You will notice as you go through levels that the original Mario 3 world and new super Mario bros are all in the game. This right away adds a lot of points as I knew what the game was going to be about, but knowing that there are many Mario games that can be made into levels is just amazing.

Well, after finishing the 8 levels, you can now get to what this game is for, Course world is where you can choose from different modes: 100 Mario challenge, Courses, and Creators. I went right away to 100 man as it is easily the best mode in the game with endless replay.

Entering 100 man Mario challenge you will have to beat it on normal before unlocking hard and expert. Each level that is in 100 Mario is all user created which is what sets this game to be amazing and always challenging. Everytime you reset the challenge, 16 new levels will appear that you will have to complete.


With the whole user created thing being said, there comes time where I would come across a level that just isn’t beatable which most likely means the creator wanted to troll.

Luckily, there is a skip option to where you can just skip any level during the challenge which will make you want to keep going. Normal for me was easy and same goes for hard but once you hit expert is where the ass kicking takes place.

These levels are just brutal, but at the same time it makes you want to keep going to see if you can beat it. If you do lose all your lives in one level and still want to try that level, you can choose levels you previously played and play that level until you finish it.

I didn’t really get much into the creator itself but I know for a fact it’s amazing with endless possibilities. Amiibos also come into play with this game as you can place any Amiibo and it will become a mushroom in the game that can transform your character into that Amiibo, sadly, this only works for the original Mario levels and no other ones.

This game is just pure amazing and endless fun to play alone or with friends. I was scared as the price tag is 60 bucks for the game and I did not know what I was getting myself into with this one, but I can honestly say that it was worth all the money I paid.

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