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The Arcade Master? Umaru Chan Episode 4.

Umaru Chan Episode 4 review

Episode 4 starts off with Ebina and Umaru walking down the street and Umaru spotting an arcade. Going inside in her disguise, the people seem to recognize her as “UMR” in the arcades. The employees are scared as every time she comes to the arcade she always wipes out all the claw machines.

This time though one of the employees is ready to stop her from her reign of terror in an attempt to rig the claw machines so that it would be impossible to win. To their surprise, Umaru find ways around it to still win at different claw machines. Back home, Umaru’s big brother isn’t surprised as he knows that she always wipes out the arcade claw machines.

Waking up the next day Umaru isn’t looking forward to going to school as she has PE classes (which I can relate to a lot). In PE class, it’s tennis day and Umaru and Motoba seem to be doing well while Ebina is struggling pretty badly.

To Umaru’s surprise, Sylph challenges her to a match of tennis with Ebina being Sylph’s partner and Motoba being Umaru’s partner. The match itself was funny and cute as we also find out that Motoba is pretty damn good at sports and Sylph… well not so much. In the end, they keep going on and on forever and the teacher had to put up signs saying it’s over now which was very funny. The match ended with Umaru and Motoba winning the tennis match.

​The next part of the episode is focused on Umaru’s big brother getting a cat with a bobbing head from his friend name Alex. Alex tells Umaru’s brother to take care of this product and not to break it. Before you know it, Umaru knocks the table while playing with her hamsters and ends up breaking the cat.

Being very scared, Umaru turns into a master artist and beings repairing the cat which she does pretty well but she does not remember the face of the cat. Her brother comes home and Umaru tells him the truth about everything. Umaru’s brother wasn’t mad about her breaking the cat but was mad about the money she spent on the products to fix it. This segment was yet again very cute and funny as it showcased another talent that Umaru obtains.


​The final part of the episode focuses on a fighting game tournament that Umaru wants to join in. Dragging her brother along, they end up in the same arcade that she was in at the start of the episode. Umaru entered the tournament and her big brother gets surprised to see his friend Alex there as well.

We then find out that Alex’s little sister, who we don’t know yet, has also joined the tournament. During the introductions of the players, it turns out that Sylph has also entered the tournament as well, so maybe she is Alex’s little sister. During the first round of the tournament, Umaru wins her match and Sylph wins her match as well.

For the finals, Umaru and Sylph end up making it and have to fight each other to see who is the champion of the fighting game. In the end, Sylph sees Alex’s face in the crowd and her face turns into a tomato. She runs off which means that Umaru won by default.

As Sylph runs out of the arcade in embarrassment, Alex grabs her hand to stop her. I have quite a few questions as it seems that Sylph is Alex’s little sister but why did she have that kind of reaction towards him? Who knows. On the last scene to close the episode, it shows Sylph back to her normal self in class talking to Umaru about another test that is coming up and how she will win.

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