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Tokyo Ghoul Collector’s Edition Delayed

Still waiting for your collector’s edition to arrive?

Fans who were hyped and happy to be finally getting Tokyo Ghoul Collector edition on Blu-Ray woke up to some bad news. Funimation has confirmed that the Collector’s edition will be delayed with no official date said yet.

Funimation said anyone who had pre ordered the product will still be getting the collector’s edition in the mail. Even though the Collector edition got pushed back, the regular and limited edition of this set will still be coming out on time.


With this news being out, people started wondering as to why Funimation delayed the product and even took it off the site for now. Well, Funimation claimed that in the final product of the collector’s edition there are physical defects to the product which no one knows exactly what went wrong with it.

Hopefully, Funimation will soon update the release date for the product as it wouldn’t be fair to keep the people who paid for this waiting.

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