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Wagama High Spec’s VN and Anime to be released in April 2016

This Doesn’t Happen Very Often.

Announced on the official website, the Anime adaptation for the upcoming VN Wagama High Spec’s will both be released next April. With this, there was also a video that was posted on youtube showing some of the characters and artwork which is very nice to watch if you are interested in this series.

The story follows a boy named Koki Narumi who is a manga artist. Koki wants to keep this as a secret from everyone with only his sister and his best friend knowing.

Out of nowhere, the Student Council President finds out about Koki’s manga drawings and threatens that if Koki doesn’t take Kaoruko’s place as the President, he will reveal Koki’s secret about being a manga artist.

Where will Koki end up?

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