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What’s This on The Hai-Furi Anime?

Hai-Furi Anime intel has been released

In the Kadokawa Comic Alive issue for October more information about Hai-Furi has been made public. Not a whole lot is revealed but a good amount of information concerning Akeno Misaki, who is the main character in the anime was released. Here is the information we know so far:

  • Nickname: Mike chan
  • Height: 5 Feet tall
  • Birthday: July 20
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Blood Type: B
  • Birthplace: Nagano Prefecture
  • Hobby: Canoeing
  • Favorite food: Pudding and Curry
  • Least favorite food: Live oysters
  • Best school subject: Japanese language
  • Worst school subject: Math
Hai Furi

Picture of the page from the Magazine!

Also within the issue they describe what the setting of the anime and manga will be like. In the series Japan has formed into a more maritime nation. With that being said there will be specialized schools where they will teach the most important skills for protecting the sea.

The setting also will be an all girls school in which they enroll to become what they call “Bloomer Maids”. “Bloomer Maids” are described as girls who take the ocean as their professional occupation. They must do very well in their studies and also adapt to the international mindset.

These classes are called “Elite of the Sea” in which they must know the custom and knowledge of other cultures as well as their own culture.

The article does state that the manga adaptation will start earlier than the anime will. In the next issue of the magazine there will be a lot more information as far as the other characters goes and we will meet and have an interview with the anime’s creator.

This anime is looking to be really promising, look forward to more information as it is given!. 

Image source and website for the anime


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